I grew up in a small, town in the heart of  Transylvania.  


  I'm sure you're here to learn a little bit about me. I know the best way to achieve great videos is feeling relaxed, and comfortable,  I hope I can do that for you.  


  I consider myself honest, laid back, easy going, and kind of funny.  The quickest way to my heart, is to share good hearty laughs.   


  I believe that eyes are windows to our souls,  I believe in genuine smiles, and I believe in karma. 


  If there are only three things you take away from our time together, I want to have gone on an epic adventure, laughed often, and for you to fall in love with your partner or family even more.


  Because the best gift you could give each other is a lifetime of adventures.


© 2016 by Bogdan Duminciuc. All rights reserved.

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